Inquest Home Inspection in Phoenix, AZ is a certified home inspector in the state of Arizona. We serve the Valley of the Sun and surrounding areas. Our expert inspectors are trained to discover issues with your new home whether you are purchasing a new home, rehabilitating a home, or need an inspection for insurance purposes. We have over 25 years in electrical, structural, foundation and plumbing contractor experience and understand the problems an Arizona home can exhibit. If you are planning on selling or purchasing a new house, please contact Inquest Home Inspection. Receiving home inspection services in Phoenix consist of a thorough inspection checklist throughout your whole home.




home-image-1Our inspectors will uncover issues that are typically discovered in a new or older home. A number of the problems that occur include pests, mold and termites. More serious problems consist of structural faults and architectural flaws, along with electricity, gas and fixture problems. Our inspectors have been effectively trained, licensed and certified to perform a proper job. Generally, an inspection is performed before a house is becoming sold, either at the seller or buyer’s solicitation. An experienced real estate agent representing a home buyer will often recommend Inquest Home Inspection as a trusted resource to protect their buyer during the purchase transaction.


home-image-2There are numerous parts to a house, from various structural members both in the walls, roof and exterior patio overhangs. Over time, these structural elements and building envelope can fall into disrepair. For this reason, perspective homeowners in the Phoenix area should be careful prior to making a purchase decision. One of the best ways to make sure that your new purchase is a sound investment and to avoid expensive repairs is to choose a certified home inspection company.